Workshops and discussions

Workshops and discussions are listed in alphabetical order according to the named facilitator or host.

Note: the distinction between a workshop, discussion and artwork is, in this context, open to dispute. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here it may be listed under art and performance.


Design in Common Action – Jonathan Baxter et al

What: three co-design workshops for Dundee Waterfront Development

Dundee Waterfront Development

Statement –

Working in collaboration with Dundee City Council (DCC) and Dundee Green Groups, Design in Common Action is an art and design initiative encouraging co-design and public participation in the Dundee Waterfront Development.

Facilitated by Jonathan Baxter in collaboration with Design in Action* researchers at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Design in Common Action brings together civic society representatives, Dundee Social Enterprise Network, designers, architects, and artists to develop innovative co-design proposals for the Dundee Waterfront Development.

Participants will be introduced to up-to-date plans for the Waterfront Development by DCC planners and ideas that have emerged from a recent workshop involving Dundee Green Groups. Through a series of facilitated exercises, participants will be encouraged to generate co-design proposals inspired by the four themes used in the earlier workshop: ‘biodiversity’, ‘lively place’, ‘sustainable transport’, and ‘low carbon living’.

Emphasis will be placed on shared knowledge, collaborative design, and sustainability. Design outcomes will be presented to DCC planners as part of the final session and a framework for on-going participation in the Waterfront Development will be agreed.

How to apply:

Design in Common Action is open to anyone with a serious commitment to attending all three workshops. There are 20 places available. A representative mix of knowledge and skills are essential to the successful running of the workshop. If you would like to participate in the workshop please contact Jonathan Baxter at jb4change[at] outlining why you would like to attend the workshop, what your interest and/or specialism is, and what you could offer to the process as a whole.

Where: Discovery Point, Discovery Quay, DD1 4XA

When: Monday 24th, Wednesday 26th, and Friday 28th August, 14.30 – 17.30

*Design in Action (DiA) is an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) funded Knowledge Exchange Hub. DiA is based at the University of Dundee, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) and is a collaboration with five partner institutions (University of Abertay Dundee, The Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art – University of Edinburgh, Grays School of Art – The Robert Gordon University, and The Institute for Capitalising on Creativity – University of St Andrews.


stuff of lives – Claire Briegel

What: Daily Bread workshops and Dundee Commons Shop discussion

stuff of lives - Claire Briegel

Statement –

Daily Bread 

Daily Bread is a series of breadmaking workshops taking place on each weekday morning of the Dundee Commons Festival, at the Roseangle Commons Hub. The practice of daily bread abounds in cultural and spiritual significance, resonating with an understanding of the commons in our everyday lives. As with commoning – the practice of sustaining the commons – bread as a staple, or staff of life, is a shared resource of value to our physical as well as social and emotional sustenance. The daily ritual of morning breadmaking holds some of the rhythms of the festival, and responds to the specific concerns of each day with a sense of plenitude and abundance!

These are public workshops – an opportunity to enjoy and celebrate the simple act and artistry of making bread together through kneading, proving and scoring our own daily bread. No need to book, and open to everyone with no prior experience necessary – participants will be guided through the process as much or as little as they wish.

You will bake two loaves – one for you and one to gift, donate or give away to whomever or whatever you choose!

Please note: latecomers and drop-ins welcome but this will mean missing out on some of the process.

Where: Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, Dundee, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe

When: Monday 24th – Friday 28th August, 9.30 – 10.15

Dundee Commons Shop – discussion

Join Claire for an introduction to Dundee Commons Shop and an informal discussion around the ‘stuff of lives’, looking at broader social and emotional interactions, transactions and decisions that make up a ‘staple’ of our common lives and livelihoods.

Where: Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, Dundee, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe

When: Wednesday 26th August, 15.00 – 17.00


Silvery Tay-Haired Women – workshops with Kate Clayton

What: a performance event – with related workshops – for women with silver, white or grey hair

Statement –


Do you have white, grey or silver hair? Have you successfully resisted pressure to dye your hair? What other pressures do you feel you’re under as a woman today?

A group of women will be stepping out along a silver carpet leading from Caird Hall to City Square. What will we display on our placards? That will be determined by the workshops taking place on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th August, providing an opportunity for silver, white or grey haired women to meet each other, establish common interests and find both voice and visibility.

For more information or to contact Kate see here.

To book a place on one of the workshops please sign up. (Booking essential.)

Where: Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University, 1-3 Bell St, DD1 1HP. (Workshops only.)

When: Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th August, 12.00 – 14.30. (Workshops only.)


Food in Common: Opportunities, Challenges and Resources

What: An opportunity to meet and share insights with Dundee’s growing food network. In conversation with Dundee Urban Orchard, Dundee Social Enterprise, Faith in Community Dundee, Dundee Foodbank, and Common Good Food.

Dudhope Community Centre - first harvest

Statement –

This event aims to raise awareness concerning the gaps in provision and the emerging opportunities to generate a more sustainable food culture in Dundee and the surrounding area.

Following a general introduction participants will be introduced to four exploratory strands:

One strand will focus on increasing the capability and capacity of organisations, groups and individuals to grow, market and generate income from their produce.

A second strand will consider local research with people requiring emergency food provision at drop-ins which provide free meals, socialisation and information. Thought will be given to the role of sharing food as a means of raising consciousness and improving access to services. In addition, consideration will be given to why these drop-ins (and Foodbanks) exist as a feature of our society and whether their existence is desirable.

A third strand will focus on the use of gardening and food production to support people’s wellbeing through formal measures like social prescribing from the GP and employability options to give individuals core transferable skills.

A fourth strand will introduce Common Good Food’s community croft model of food production; a model that aims to address a gap in small-scale urban and rural food production whilst building community resilience, and contributing to local food systems and economies.

The overall aim of this event is to build a more resilient food culture within Dundee and surrounding areas by connecting individuals, community groups and organisations who share a common goal and sustainable vision.

Where: Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, Dundee, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe

When: Tuesday 25th August, 14.30 – 17.30 (with a lunchtime talk by Mike Small exploring related topics between 13.00 – 14.00)


Dundonian’s Common Land – Britta Funck-Januschke

What: An investigation into the history of common land and its significance for Dundee

old dundee map

Statement –

Dundonian’s Common Land is an investigation concerning the history of common land in Dundee to reveal the past and to reconnect to the present. Historic records will recover memory about places and reconstruct their significance for today. These archival memories will be compared with current land use and local value. The intention of the project is to lead to a positive future of commons related activities and a commons social networking for public space in Dundee.

Archival material and interpretation will be located at the Roseangle Commons.

On Monday 24th August there will be an informal discussion about the commons and how it relates to Dundee. Invited guests will be present and questions will be taken from the floor.

Where: Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, Dundee, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe

When: Monday 24th – Friday 28th August with an initial discussion scheduled for Monday 24th August, 11.45 – 12.45


Divergence and antagonism: cultural policy and practice as enclosure? – a workshop with Gesa Helms and Leigh French

What: A dialogical workshop

Variant Dundee Commons Festival workshop

Statement –

Dear cultural practitioners, artist-run and self-organised groups, co-operative and collaborative practices,

You are invited to participate in a dialogical workshop (following on from our lunchtime talk on Art as Commons) to explore your experiences and concerns over discursive practices and organisational stance in the arts in Scotland, and how these relate to self-organised and co-operative practices.

This workshop builds on Variant’s recently completed study (part-funded by Creative Scotland) into how changes in cultural governance correlate with our communication and mediascapes, and how these impact cultural practices.

It follows on from Variant’s range of discussions, articles and workshops over recent years concerning the sites and situations of communication, as well as an interest in our own and others’ form of self-organisation in a rapidly restructuring cultural field (and ever louder calls for resilient business models).

In our wider enquiry we explore (a) the conditions for discursive practices in the arts in Scotland, especially through contextualising artist-run organisational forms; we ask (b), by means of a dialogical process, how such practices can (still?) facilitate (political) agency; and we are interested (c) in finding out more about present and future collaborative organisational models.

Where: Roseangle Commons, Dundee West Church, Lower Hall, 132 Perth Rd, Dundee, DD1 4JW – enter via Roseangle Arts Cafe

When: Friday 28th August, 14.30 – 17.30


If Art were a Commons: Giving What You Don’t Have – a workshop with Cornelia Sollfrank

What: workshop and discussion

Giving What You Don't Have

Statement –

This workshop is a follow-up to the lunch time talk on digital commons and explores aspects of the topic on the basis of practical examples. As part of her practice-research, Cornelia has identified and mapped various art projects whose aim is to contribute to the production and preservation of the commons over recent years. She has conducted interviews with the artists involved in which they describe their work, talk about their motivation, and explain how they see their projects related to the art field.

The filmed interviews will be the basis for approaching the projects and discussing the various aspects they represent. The workshop will touch upon self-organised education, free digital tools and how they shape what we are doing, free content licensing such as Creative Commons, alternative platforms for communication, exchange, open archives and collections. Questions linked to the projects will include what forms of organisation artists suggest, what values their projects represent, what forms of agency the projects exemplify, what forms of social relations they enable/activate/produce, where the projects are located, what role technology plays, what external economies the projects depend on, whose labour are they based on, what the working conditions are, what the projects produce, who profits from the projects, what the property relations involved are and, last but not least, what inherent conception of art they express?

To attend this workshop no prior technical knowledge is required, but it intends to inspire everybody who uses computers and digital networks in their daily lives to rethink the use of these tools.

Links: Giving What You Don’t Have and Cornelia’s homepage.

Where: Dundee MakerSpace, Unit 5, Vision Building, 20 Greenmarket, Dundee, DD1 4QB

When: Thursday 27th August, 14.30 – 17.30


We had hoped – facilitated by the Steeple Church Book Group

What: A contribution from the Steeple Church Book Group, based on the book, Moving Towards Emmaus: Hope in a time of Uncertainty by David Smith.

Emmaus Janet Brooks-Gerloff

Statement –

A welcome to every Dundee commoner, of all faiths and none, to join us for a coffee and the chance to reflect on how the unforeseen twists and turns in our lives and in our city can lead to a loss of hope; and how stories of faith, and the actions they inspire, can help us to care for the commons upon which all life depends.

An informal evening during which the Emmaus Road story in the Bible, alongside poetry, music, pictures, and three short reflections from invited guests with different faith perspectives (a christian, a muslim, and an athiest), will help us reflect, individually and in conversation, on the theme, ‘we had hoped ..’

(Places limited. Booking essential. Contact towards.emmaus[at]

Where: Empire State Coffee, 36-38 Nethergate, DD1 4ET

When: Wednesday 26th August, 19.00 – 21.30











































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